Prophetic Focus

MAY, 2022:


More than Conquerors’ greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

I believe God has placed in our hands the key to commanding the supernatural through His Word that came our way all through the month of April 2022 and I want to believe that by His grace, no one of us shall loose command of the supernatural anymore through all our journey on earth in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

But what is the Holy Ghost saying for the month of May 2022?

We are in the last days; the days of the rise of financial giants in the body of Christ – Mic. 4:1-2

God is all out to empower His people for supernatural wealth in these last days, so they can become channels for the release of His silver and gold, ordained for building the latter house – Hag. 2:3-9/                 Mat. 24:14/ Zch. 1:17-21

But a clear understanding of why God is out to empower His people for wealth in these last days is required for anyone to gain access to this prophetic realm of financial fortune

  • First, the purpose of this heavenly order of wealth is for the building of the latter house, that is, the end time Church. This implies that, only those who are set to be rich towards God are potential candidates to operate in this realm – Hag. 2:3-9/ Luk. 12:21/ Mat. 6:24-33
  • Secondly, to invest towards the advancement of the kingdom, particularly in reaching out to the lost, building store houses (Church buildings) for the preservation of souls – Hag. 1:3-13/ Mat. 24:14
  • Thirdly, to feed the poor and hungry, cloth the naked, provide shelters for the homeless, care for the sick, all towards ensuring the salvation of the unsaved souls – Mat. 25:30-40/ Jhn 6:27/ Jhn 4:15

But how much we are willing to give out towards kingdom advancement is what determines how much can be trusted into our hands, because to ‘whom much is given, much shall be required’                          – Luk. 12:48/ Luk. 16:11

For example, one cannot be thinking of buying ten chairs in a Church building project and expect God to give him money for building 500 capacity sanctuary; because ‘as far our eyes can see, unto us it shall be given’ – Gen. 13:14-15

But the beauty of the covenant of wealth is that we can start from where we are, because God’s commandments are not grievous – Gen. 13:14-15/ Deut. 16:17/ 1 Jhn 5:3

Therefore, the prophetic focus for the month of May 2022 is:

Financial Dominion is My Heritage in Christ – 2 Cor. 9:6-8

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Remain ever blessed.
Jesus is Lord!

Bishop David O. Oyedepo